Who We Are

Who We Are – OT Exchange has been developed by the following volunteers:

Deanna Sava Deanna is the Site Manager. She has many years of experience as an occupational therapist, with adults and children. Deanna is very committed to her “clients” (children, families, staff, etc.) and to advancing the field of occupational therapy. To find out more about Deanna, click here to visit “Our Domain”.
Nikki Elbaz Nechama (Nikki) Elbaz assists Deanna with site development and maintenance. She is a client conscious pediatric occupational therapist dedicated to family centered care. While she has interests in all areas of OT, pediatrics is her current concentration and passion.
Shalom Solomon Shalom is responsible for all technical development of the site. His services are available via his company at www.exceedIT.co.uk.
David Suter OT Exchanges innovative design and flash animations are all care of David. David can be contacted via his company.