User Guide

OT Exchange was developed by a core team of dedicated individuals (please see Credits and Site History) and is a rapidly growing, not-for-profit occupational therapy support site providing free resources and services to occupational therapists, other professionals, and families from around the world.

OT Exchange will never charge for membership to the site and is not looking to profit. However, the more users we have, the more costly the site is for us to run and improve. Costs associated with running a web site, such as web space, bandwidth, development and design, are usually covered by advertising, sponsorship or by a parent company. Therefore, we created this section to help defray some of our operating and development costs, and because some of our users expressed an interested in displaying occupational therapy and pediatric-related advertisements on the site.

We also thought this section would offer easier access for members and visitors to learn about and visit companies who offer occupational therapy and pediatric-related products and services that benefit children with special needs, their families, educators, and therapists; and would give some of the companies more exposure.

To avoid cluttering the home page with advertisements, we created this Sponsors page to display the ads. The Sponsors section also contains information for companies about advertising on this site (Sponsor us and Sponsor terms sections). We also provided a Donations page since members have asked about donating to the site.

We hope you find this section of the site helpful, and we welcome any feedback and suggestions to improve this section.